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First, the book. Whilst it still doesn't have a title (!) MM III is romping towards the finish line. My research has uncovered cool facts about views of St Paul's, made me want to visit Richmond Park next time we visit London and I spent a hilarious afternoon watching Frasier re-runs and Robin Williams' stand up routines on YouTube all in the name of research. 

Reading is back up to speed, I've even started submitting blurbs again. 

You remember back in July when i said that nothing had broken whilst the outlaws were here, seems I spoke way too soon. Honestly, I can't blame them, this has been an ongoing problem but one that came to a head rather suddenly this month. Since we've had this house there has always been one room we've never used, nicknamed the 'sun room' because it is literally all glass, it's like a greenhouse extension, it's hotter than hades and we stored old furniture in there. The only use we found for it was the giant glass wall between the house and the 'sun room' which works as my ideas board. Just after the outlaws went home we moved all the old tat and sent it off to the tip and that's when we noticed what looked like sawdust. I vacced it up and two days later it was back. Termites! we thought, but hang on it's too dry for termites. We have a friend and neighbour who is a builder and he came over took one of the pieces of siding off and found it had rotted through. Long story short we had a ton of glass being held up by rotten wood and attached to the house with so much lead flashing that the very next snowstorm would've brought the whole lot crashing down and possibly ripped a bit off the house roof as well. We hired said neighbour to rebuild the sun room, which now has windows that you can open, a wall where all that glass used to be and will soon have a proper metal roof. It could be my new office, it could be his or we could turn it into a dining room, endless possibilities. I should also mention that we'd arranged to have all the windows replaced, they were single glazed and that wasn't even working anymore. So three Mondays ago we had the window people, the builders and I had to drive out past Sandy for a root canal! (having had an RC in England I was dreading it but US RCs are a piece of cake!)