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Like Mysteries? Me too! each week find video reviews of cloth, paperback and mass market titles, competitions,  and more

As mentioned on the home page, these chats are virtual. It can be one on one or an entire group. On average a book chat lasts up to an hour depending on content and suggestions from the participants.

If you are a mystery book group, or in charge of picking titles (some of which are mysteries) then I'd love to chat with you.

So lets set that up

Email me with a contact name, some available dates and times and a phone number. The day before the chat is due to take place I will contact you just to check that a) I have the right number and b) we have a way to video chat. 

In your email please provide a couple of pieces of information

1) What was the last mystery that your group read?

2) Do you prefer police procedural, thriller, psychological, classic, legal, paranormal, light, dark to name a few of the many genres. The mystery menu page might help in this area.

3) How many titles would you like me to present 1-5, 5-10, more than 10. 

Once we've chatted I will send you an email with the details of the titles we've discussed so no one has to take notes during the session.  I hope to inform and entertain and if you enjoy our chat, please tell your friends. If possible try and buy the books from a bricks and mortar store, an independent if you are lucky enough to still have one, as they are the hearts of our communities.

These talks are free, however if you wish to show your appreciation please donate to these two worthy causes local to Salt Lake. Bookwagon (Dawn, the lovely lady who runs Bookwagon only takes cheques at the moment although we may be able to nudge her into coverting to Paypal) and Brainfood Books both of which are 501(c) 3s and both of which support getting kids from lower income families reading.